Coffee Enema Colon Latex Tube | 20F Red - Pack of 3 - in stock by June 7, 2023
Coffee Enema Colon Latex Tube | 20F Red - Pack of 3 - in stock by June 7, 2023
Coffee Enema Colon Latex Tube | 20F Red - Pack of 3 - in stock by June 7, 2023
Coffee Enema Colon Latex Tube | 20F Red - Pack of 3 - in stock by June 7, 2023
Coffee Enema Colon Latex Tube | 20F Red - Pack of 3 - in stock by June 7, 2023

Coffee Enema Colon Latex Tube | 20F Red - Pack of 3 - in stock by June 7, 2023

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✅ EASY TO USE - You can use it as the main enema tube that you'll attach to your enema bucket/bag OR you can use it as an extension (like that of enema tips) to your silicone enema tubing which allows for a deeper insertion. Our colon tube is compatible with all our enema accessories. It is non-toxic and safe to use. Our red rubber (latex) colon tube is super easy to set up - just attach it directly to the bucket or bag, or to a silicone tube for a perfect, more effective enema coffee intake.

✅ SOFT & FLEXIBLE FOR EXTREME COMFORT - Unlike a regular silicone enema tube, our rubber tube offers flexibility to match your comfort level and adequate rigidity to ensure easy insertion. It has the advantage of being able to deliver enema coffee higher up into the colonand guarantees smooth liquid flow as it does not kink like the silicone enema tubing. That's why our customers prefer our rubber tube (or red catheter, as others would call it) over regular PVC enema tube tips.


✅ WHY RUBBER TUBE? - This type of colon tube is thinner & less rigid compared to silicone enema tubing - doesn't hurt when it goes in. These can go higher up into the colon for a deeper cleansing experience. They are flexible enough to follow the curves and bends of your colon and places the enema coffee where it is most needed. And because it can go deeper, it's virtually impossible to create mess and spillage. The eyelets on the sides of the tip of this red catheter ensures faster flow.

✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY ASSURANCE - All our enema accessories undergo intensive quality check to make sure you go through your regular enema coffee routine 100% worry-free. Our rubber tube / enema tubing is guaranteed to arrive brand new, squeaky clean, and free of scratches, rough edges, dents, holes, odor, fingerprints, and any other unpleasant residue.

✅ STERILE PACKAGING - To prevent contamination and any other unpleasant mishaps during shipping, we make sure that our enema accessories and products are packed carefully, with health care and preventative measures in mind. You're welcome!

How You Can Benefit From Cor-Vital Coffee Enema

Removes Parasites From The Digestive Tract

Boosts Immunity

Treats Autoimmune Diseases

Removes Heavy Metals From The Body

Treats Cancer


Learn how to make the perfect coffee enema for detox by following our step by step guide!

What our Customers Say

"I have been doing organic coffee enemas for over a year now. I first started everyday for the first 30 days to stimulate my liver in bile production thus flushing out toxins. Now I maintain with two to three times per week and only use this coffee. I can tell a big difference between Cor-Vital coffee and store bought organic coffee. The purity and the quality of Cor-Vital coffee is truly medicinal and pure."

Wendy M.

"This product quality has me not needing to look any further for the great desired results it provides. It cleanses the liver and provides the full release I was looking for without having to pay the expensive colonic treatments. I also received a pleasant weight loss bonus of 47 pounds in 4 months - also went Vegan, with the use of this product. If you take care of your gut, your body will take care of you!"

Kim S.

"As advertised! At first, the lighter color of the blend surprised me. Later to find out that Cor-Vital researched and found a bean with higher Palmitic Acid... which is the stuff you're looking for when it comes to Coffee Enemas. I used it today and feel AMAZING! Thanks Cor-Vital!"

Joey H.

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