Parasite Cleanse & Coffee Enema

Do you need a parasite cleanse? 

Here are the basics of what you need to know about parasite cleansing and how parasites could be affecting you.
Let’s take a closer look at parasites in the body using a microscope: 

Common symptoms of parasites include bloating, constipation, diarrhea, (or both, alternating), or flatulence. Your stomach doesn’t feel right, you feel lethargic with brain fog or your are craving sweets like crazy.  These are telltale signs of parasites. 

Do parasites effect men and women equally?

Men actually have greater parasite burden than women and it’s unclear why they are more susceptible to parasites.  This is true across species and not just humans. It may be related to testosterone and the immune system but there is no definitive answer. 

 How do you get parasites in the first place?

Even in the United States, people get exposed to parasites every day; once parasites are inside, they lay eggs inside your body, multiplying at an alarming rate. And note that just because you have good hygiene, does not mean you can’t pick up parasites. You can get them from food, water, contact with pets and a weakened immune system due ot stress, dehydration, antibiotics, medication, contraception, and a less than perfect diet.

If these symptoms describe you, it’s important to see your doctor or a specialist like a gastroenterologist. They can run tests to confirm if you have parasites. 

How can coffee enema help you prepare to rid your body of parasites?

To rid the body of parasites, you must take specific steps to kill off the adult parasites and their hatchlings. There are two ways to do this: 

  1. Anti-parasitic pharmaceuticals – these are effective but often have some pretty strong side effects. Your doctor can give you the full list of options and side effects so you can make an informed decision. 
  2. Anti-parasitic herbs – these generally need to be taken together in a blend and for longer than with the pharmaceuticals, but usually have fewer side effects. Some examples are: wormwood, black walnut hull, holy basil, clove, and neem. 

What does this mean to prepare your body for parasite elimination? It means making sure all of your detoxification pathways are open before you begin killing something that will give off toxins…because if your pathways aren’t open when you kill parasites, guess where those toxins go? They stay in your body and circulate around, causing damage everywhere they go!

As parasites and their hatchlings die off, they give off toxins and create flu-like symptoms including fatigue, upset stomach, cramping, headaches, insomnia, aches and pains, and cravings.  

It's essential to use the right coffee enema to get the best detoxification effects. The Cor-Vital Health Coffee Enema Starter Kit  comes with sterilized bucket and tubing along with 1 pound of 100% clean, Certified Organic, Non-GMO green, golden roasted enema coffee. It's shade grown and Fair Trade certified. 

High in Palmitic Acid and Caffeine, our coffee enema helps to boost your liver’s function, ease these symptoms and help you recover faster by detoxifying the body. Coffee enemas should be held in the body for 15 minutes and remember to drink light, freshly squeezed juices and distilled water before or after a coffee enema. As with any product, you should consult your medical professional before using any product for the first time.