The Mind Body Liver Connection:  Here’s what you need to know.

Did you know that about 80 million Americans (1 out of 3 adults) have some type of liver-related illness? 

There is a liver epidemic, showing up as fatty liver disease, liver cancer and other illnesses. Here’s what you need to know to spot the symptoms and how coffee enemas can help support healthier liver function. 

The Liver

The human liver is the most hardworking but undervalued organ in the body, performing 500+ functions including storing sugar, minerals and vitamins as fuel for the body. It controls the production and excretion of cholesterol and the liver contains bile stored in the gallbladder, helping to break down fats. This liver is designed to filter out all foreign particles like food additives, tobacco, alcohol and toxins in the environment


Like the heart, the liver also gets stressed but the symptoms of an overworked and sluggish liver are hard to spot until very late. Here are seven signs of a stressed liver:

Liver stress symptom #1 - Your skin color changes

Have you noticed skin discoloration? If your skin color changes to jaundice yellow or pale with a blue tinge, or if your nails or fingertips turn yellow, there is trouble brewing. This change in colour happens because the body is unable to flush out toxins and when they accumulate over a period, they cause bilirubin to develop under the skin causing discoloration.

Liver stress symptom #2 - Digestion issues

Feel bloated frequently and suffer from constipation too? If you face everyday indigestion issues, it is a sign of a stressed liver. This happens because the bile is unable to break down the food and lubricate the intestines.

Liver stress symptom #3 Pain and body aches

The liver purifies the blood and produces new blood as well. But when under stress, the liver is unable to provide new blood to the muscles, tissues and tendons. This harms flexibility, causing pain in the upper back, dry eyes and fatigue.

Liver stress symptom #4 Fatigue

Do you feel tired and drained out all the time? This can be chronic fatigue and a clear indicator that the liver is under stress. As the body works overtime, it can stress the other organs too and results in tiredness.

Liver stress symptom #5 Darkening Urine

Is your urine darker than usual? If yes, then you may not be drinking enough water, and it may cause your stools to be darker too. It could also have blood spots in it. But if you start drinking water and these change, then all is well.  If not, seek medical help right away.

Liver stress symptom #6 Mood swings

Mood swings occur when we are unhappy or stressed. So, when the liver is stressed, it can disturb your emotional health. Anger, impatience, irritability and depression are common symptoms when the liver is in distress. Worse, it can affect your decision-making abilities and cause brain fog. It may even result in aggression and nasty outburst.

Liver stress symptom #7 - Overall Body Function

Ringing in the ears, insomnia, dizziness, blurry vision, allergies, no sex drive, internal or intestinal bleeding, sensitivities to chemicals, PMS, drastic weight loss and spider veins.

The Keys to a Healthy Liver

A healthy diet, plenty of sleep and regular physical activity are critical to maintain the health of your liver.  Reducing alcohol consumption, eliminating smoking and removing heavily processed and sugary foods from your diet are also important.

Coffee Enema: The Ultimate Detox for Your Liver Reboot

A coffee enema helps support your liver’s natural function and is not a replacement for everyday healthy habits.  Coffee enemas are an excellent way to help boost and support the healthy function of your liver and as a result helps to detoxify the body. 

Cor-Vital’s Starter Kit includes 1 pound of Certified Organic coffee that's mold free, shade grown and Non-GMO.  When prepared according to our instruction (see how to use) helps the liver to produce more bile which contains processed toxins and moves bile toward the small intestine for elimination. 

However, bile is reused up to ten times in the body. In the past when our environment was cleaner, this recycling system worked fine. These days, however, the toxic burden is so great that it may overwhelm this system, increasing the body’s toxic load and hence the risk for disease. Cor-Vital Health has the highest levels of caffeine, dilating the liver’s bile ducts, facilitating elimination of toxins trapped in the liver.

In addition, our Coffee Enema leads to Blood Purification: Cor-Vital coffee enema is high in palmitic acids  — kahweol and cafestol palmitate — which are absorbed into the portal vein system, which leads directly to your liver. These palmitic acids boost one of the body’s most powerful detoxifiers, the glutathione s-transferase (GST) enzyme system, by up to 700 percent!  GST captures and metabolizes toxins and binds them with reduced glutathione (the body’s master antioxidant) in the liver and escorts them out of the body via the colon. 

All of your blood passes through the liver every three minutes. Because a coffee enema is typically held for 15 minutes, it facilitates the elimination of toxins, purifies the blood, and prevents the reabsorption and recycling of toxic bile.