The Coffee Enema: Why It's Worth a Try

In this blog post, we'll be discussing the benefits of coffee enemas. Coffee enemas are a natural way to cleanse your colon in an effort to improve your overall health and wellness. Many people don't know about the many benefits that come with a coffee enema - but they're worth knowing about! After reading this article, you should have all the knowledge needed for making a decision on whether or not to try out this procedure yourself.

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Background on the Coffee Enema

Enemas have been around since ancient civilization. Originally, they were a tool used for healing through natural means. In recent years of the 20th century and into our current time, enemas have been primarily associated with medical procedures - but that doesn't mean you can't use them in your own home!

According to Dr. Max Gerson, a well-known herbalist from the 1930s and '40's, coffee enemas could be used in cancer treatments for their ability to stimulate the liver and gallbladder to release excess bile. Gerson found that coffee enemas helped the body pass toxins by dilating bile ducts. He also recommended this practice to cancer patients for a variety of reasons, including detoxifying the body from chemotherapy treatments. Later on, researchers used an endoscope to back up these claims in the 1980s. Coffee enemas promote enzymatic activity in the body, which also detoxifies the bloodstream, because of compounds found within it (kahweol and cafestol palmitate). There is still some uncertainty as to how coffee enemas work. However, Gerson believed that a coffee enema, held for 15 minutes, would act as a type of dialysis on the blood passing through the gut wall

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The Benefits of Coffee Enemas

  • Cleanses your colon and detoxifies it. The coffee enema is a natural way to cleanse the intestines, which can help with issues such as constipation, gas pains, bloating, and stomach aches. It also removes toxic elements from our bodies.

  • Increases energy levels. A well thought out coffee enema routine will provide you with more energy than any other form of caffeine because there won't be a crash afterwards - in fact this procedure causes an increase in mood! You'll feel alive without feeling jittery or nervous like some people experience when drinking too many cups of joe before noon on weekdays.

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