Coffee Enemas: Everything You Need to Know

In this blog post we will discuss how to perform a coffee enema at home with ease. We'll cover everything from what they are used for, how they work and why people choose them as well as some safety precautions that need to be taken when performing these types of treatments on yourself.

Coffee Enemas: The Basics and the Benefits

Enemas are a type of rectal therapy that are used to relieve constipation and cleanse the colon. It involves inserting a tube into the anus, and then injecting coffee up into the colon for therapeutic purposes. The only difference between a coffee and water enema is the content. Coffee enemas are exactly like the name suggests: consisting of a coffee solution. If you have never tried this before, it may sound like an odd thing to do, but there are actually many benefits!

Caffeine causes the opening of the bile ducts which motivates your body to release all the nasty toxins out of your system. It stimulates an increase in the flow of your bile and that bile forces harmful substances to exit your body. Furthermore, caffeine stimulates the production of glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to clean out toxins in our cells.

Some people may experience cramping and/or diarrhea from coffee enemas, but this usually subsides over time and can be avoided by vigilant fluid intake before the procedure.

It's also important to note that coffee enemas and drinking coffee are not the same! Drinking coffee is said to cause problems with the intestines because of its acid, but inserting a coffee enema will not have those effects on your digestive system. 

Coffee enema benefits are extensive and they include:

  • cleansing or eliminating toxic substances like bacteria, parasites, fungi, yeast
  • rejuvenating depleted liver function
  • waking up sluggish digestion and elimination systems
  • reducing inflammation throughout the body because it creates an anti-inflammatory effect on many tissues.

That being said, it's always best to seek advice from a physician before using them.

What You'll Need to Insert Our Coffee Enema

For super specific instructions on how to accomplish our coffee enema plus a helpful video, please visit our How to Use Page.


Coffee Enema Cleanup

When those 15 minutes of coffee enema intake are up, you're not done yet. It's important to continue with a cleanup routine. Begin with making sure not to put the tube back into the bucket once you're done. But do go ahead and use a biodegradable food-use detergent to clean the bucket and tube. Make sure to rinse well.

Also, keep an eye out for any mold buildup, which can result from not allowing your tubing to dry well enough.

What Happens After a Coffee Enema?

It is recommended that you drink a lot of water after your coffee enema, perhaps as much as two quarts. You may also want to take additional measures in managing any constipation or diarrhea by eating foods high in fiber and drinking plenty of fluids (hot lemonade with honey works well for detoxing). It’s important not to push yourself too hard while doing a coffee enema cleanse because it can create feelings of lightheadedness, headache, nausea or fatigue if done incorrectly.

Coffee enemas are not a quick fix, but they are an excellent tool for detoxifying the body. We're here to answer any questions you might have so please don't hesitate to reach out!